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Pomegranate and Fig Confiture

Sweeten up your mornings with the delicious combination of strawberries and pomegranates. No Artificial Preservatives, Kosher.
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Sweeten up your mornings with the delicious combination of strawberries and pomegranates in Rimon Winery's Pomegranate and Strawberries confiture. Packed with antioxidants and amazing flavors, it brings new meaning to healthy and good-for-you. 230 gram  jar.

No artificial Preservatives.



About the Rimon Winery:

In Moshav Kerem ben-Zimrah in the Upper Galilee, alongside many vineyards, is an unusual and charming pomegranate winery.
The ‘vineyard’ was established by Gabbi and Avi Nahmias, the son and grandson of the Moshav’s founders, and third generation farmers in Israel.

At a height of some 870 m above sea level, on basaltic land, and enjoying a cool climate, a unique species of pomegranate slowly developed.  Marked by its deep red hue, and high concentration of vitamins, it produces a quality wine, the only one of its kind in the country.

The vineyard is the epitome of peacefulness and pastoral beauty, with charming views of the Upper Galilee.  For the wine connoisseur – and even those who are not – the wine produced is a prestigious quality product warmly recommended.


Named for the Hebrew word for pomegranate, the winery is the first to successfully produce fine wine made from 100% pomegranate — without added sugar.

The Rimon Winery is the place for gourmet lovers seeking a new and different experience, a good quality, elegant wine that also contains all the healthful properties of the pomegranate fruit even when the natural juice is transformed into wine.


It all began when father and son Gaby and Avi Nachmias, the third generation of a farming family who were founding members of Moshav Kerem Ben Zimra in the Galilee, read an article about the pomegranate’s therapeutic qualities and decided to develop a new variety of the fruit for eating. The first three years of growth revealed the new variety to be deep red in color and containing an exceptionally high quantity of all kinds of vitamins. Laboratory tests further proved that this variety was suited to the production of especially good quality wine.


In 2003 the Nachmias family decided to produce 2,000 bottles of a dessert wine which met with great success among all who tasted it. This success led to the establishment the following year of a commercial production line for both the dessert wine and a dry wine, both of which were very well received in Israel and abroad.

Fun Facts About Pomegranate 


  • The British Medical Association and other physician specialty groups use the pomegranate in their coat of arms due to its association with life, fertility and regeneration


  • Ancient Egyptians, including King Tut, were buried with pomegranates in their tombs as a symbol of rebirth.


  • Use pomegranate juice as a substitute for vinaigrette salad dressing. Garnish a vegetable salad with a handful of delicious pomegranate seeds, or use the bright red seeds to add color to a fruit salad or platter.


  • Warning! Pomegranate juice stains clothing permanently unless washed with bleach.


  • The shape and size of the pomegranate (la granada in Spanish) are why it gave its name to the hand grenade.


  • “Your arid fields are as a pomegranate orchard with luscious fruit, henna and spikenard.” (Song of Songs 4:13)


Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Mild & Mellow"
Fine aroma and taste, rich in antioxidants. The7Species.com Israeli Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A mild Israeli Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the finest aroma and taste and maximum health benefits (higher polyphenol content). Delicate & sweet EVO oil.
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Pomegranate and Strawberries Confiture
Kosher, Delicious and Unique. No Preservatives. The7species.com is proud to present this tasty strictly kosher pomegranate and strawberries confiture / jam / jelly / marmalade that sweeten your breakfast everyday.
Sale $9.00 $12.00
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Rimon Winery Pomegranate Confiture
Kosher, Pure indulgent of the senses. The7species.com is proud to present this tasty strictly kosher pomegranate confiture / jam / jelly / marmalade that sweeten your breakfast everyday. No preservatives.
Sale $9.00 $12.00
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