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Unique Ceramic Serving Dish by Margaret Lamdan

Handmade and unique, this serving dish is embedded with volcanic stones unique to the Golan Heights. Serve your delicious food in it. Enjoy.
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A simple yet unique smal serving dish for a special meaningful meal. The ceramic piece is embedded with volcanic stones found at the Golan Heights and has the embalm of the "Menorah", a Jewish symbol of Torah, Peace and Eternity. 


About the artist: Margaret Lamdan

Margaret loves to use local material, whether its volcanic rock from the Golan heights or dried flowers, the colors and energy of her surroundings are to be found in all of her works. 

Margaret, a gifted painter and sculptor but foremost a very unique personality. 

Born 1944, Germany, Margaret studied art, ceramics and sculpture at the Berlin Academy of Art. 

In 1966 Margaret volunteered to work in Kibbutz "Naot Mordechai". 

She fell in love with the country and its people. This led her to convert into Judaism. 


What was supposed to be a short period of voluntary work is still going on. Margaret taught ceramic and sculpture for over 35 years at various prestigious art school in Israel.

Her work can be found in various Museums across Israel and exhibition in Berlin, Munich & Canada to mention just a few.


Ceramic Bowl with Lid by Margaret
With a branch of vine and volcanic stones. The7Species.com is proud to present a stunning piece by Margaret Lamdan. Margaret is a gifted Judaica (Jewish Art) artist. This piece is a great gift to anyone you love. Enjoy this stunning piece of Jewish art.
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"Sweet Pigeon" by Margaret Lamdan
Ceramic Pigeon - A symbol of peace.
Sale $49.00 $59.00
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