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Dead Sea Minerals Hand & Foot Cream

Specially enriched with Dead Sea Minerals, combining the unique properties of the biblical Seven Species for deep and intensive moisture treatment.
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Tamar Hand & Foot Cream nourishes & rejuvenates your skin, preserving its essential moisture level. Smooths and envelops your skin in softness. Absorbs quickly to enable immediate participation in any activity. Our unique natural  formula is paraben & SLS free for the healthy beauty experience you deserve. 

Place a small amount on the hand or foot, and massage into the skin.


Beauty Tips:

- For badly cracked hands/feet: apply a layer of cream before bedtime. Warm gloves or socks in the microwave, and wear over and damaged area. The active ingredients will absorb more quickly into the skin, nourishing and softening it.

- For pampered hands: apply cream between fingers and around finernails, where skin is sensitive and peels easily.

- For nourishment and lightening: add a few drops of lemon juice into the cream and rub gently on hands/feet. 


Rejuvenate your skin in the comfort of your home with The 7 Species Dead Sea skin care products.

The 7 Species' unique Dead Sea Beauty Products uses the finest ingredients to compliment Dead Sea Minerals, Mud and Salt, so your skin receives the maximum benefits from the Dead Sea. Dead Sea Spa products are renowned for their properties, which help hydrate and nourish facial skin, making you look younger and feel amazing.

  • The Dead Sea is filled with minerals including calcium, iodine, saline, potassium, and bromide.
  • The unique salt in the Dead Sea treats acne, psoriasis, hives, cellulite, dry skin, dandruff, stress, muscle aches, and more.
  • Egyptians used mud from the Dead Sea in their mummification of the deceased.








































What is special about the Dead Sea Products?

The history of the Dead Sea's wonders are as old as time. Located in Israel's desert at the lowest point on Earth. Its surface and shores are 423 metres (1,388 ft) below sea level.


The Dead Sea has a unique water composition of high levels of many minerals than all other water sources in the world. In fact, there are over twenty-six vital and essential minerals present in Dead Sea products (e.g. magnesium, sodium, potassium, bromides, sulphates).


As a result, Dead Sea beauty products are wonderful for the skin. They revitalize, renew and soften the skin, leaving it looking younger and less wrinkled. Medical research has shown that the unique make-up of the Dead Sea proves to be extremely beneficial for many skin problems and rheumatologic ailments. Psoriasis, Acne, Dermatitis and Arthritis are a few of the medical complaints that have been proven time and time again to be helped by Dead Sea Products.


All our dead sea beauty products rely on the unique synergy among the essences of all biblical Seven Species, with the addition of Dead Sea minerals and other natural essences. All products are completely free of skin-damaging parabens and SLS.


What is special about beauty products made from the biblical seven species (Deuteronomy 8:8)?

The ancient Land of Israel was blessed with abundant goodness. Its inhabitants used the special produce of the Land to strengthen the body and care for the skin: Pomegranates and figs to revitalize, olive oil to add moisture and glow, wheat to soothe, barley and grapes to soften and nourish, and dates to supply vital energy to the skin's cells.


The 7 Species to bring you the rejuvenating magic of the biblical seven species and Dead Sea minerals with its Precious Woman Collection beauty and SPA products. The 7 Species Dead Sea Products are world known as the best and most luxurious Dead Sea Beauty Products available.

You will be sure to find the right Dead Sea Products in our complete Dead Sea skin care lines including Facial Cream, Age Defying Face and Eye Serum, Body Cream, Hand Cream, Foot Cream, Body Scrub and Bath Dead Sea Products.


Try the natural essential vitamins and anti oxidants of these seven unique biblically blessed fruits of the Land of Israel (Deuteronomy 8:8), together with the natural essential minerals of the Dead Sea only at The 7 Species.
















































Our feet are the most neglected and forgotten parts of our body, but yet they are the most used parts. They take us everywhere and often take a lot of punishment, but there is something you can do for your feet that will improve them considerably; you can use our nourishing foot cream.

Here at The 7 Species  we have created a special dead sea foot cream enriched with dead sea minerals that will give your feet a real treat and help you to keep them soft, healthy  and looking good.

If you would like heal a dried cracked feet, begin by soaking feet in a warm footbath with a few drops of a nurturing product. Then smooth feet with a file or pumice stone and/or vigorously massage them with a body scrub to exfoliate the dead skin. Next generously apply the 7 species dead sea foot cream enriched with dead sea minerals from the dead sea. Cover your feet in protective cotton socks to help “the 7 species” dead sea foot cream enriched with the dead sea minerals from the dead sea absorb. Apply dead sea foot cream or foot balm morning and night. And repeat the footbath with scrub throughout the week until heals become softened.

We all dream of silky soft hands.
Dry skin on the hands, also known to the medical profession as xerosis or asteatosis, is a fact of life since the hands are continuously exposed to the environment. A regular system of prevention is required to ensure that hands do not continue to dry and cause additional damage, including infections.

In fact we get dry hands for a variety of reasons, for example age. Age takes its toll on the skin, and especially on the hands. Other reasons for dry flaky hand include weather conditions. Winter weather and dry geographic climates promote dry skin, sometimes called winter itch, on the hands.
Extreme winter cold creates the need for artificial heat that dries the air, and hands, even more. Use of a home humidifier assists in adding moisture to the air, and application of lotions returns moisture lost to the drop in humidity.

Exposure to the sun too affects our hands. The sun is the single greatest cause of dry-looking skin on the upper hands, according to the American Cancer Society The sun's heat removes moisture from the skin just as home heating systems do, its ultraviolet rays provide an additional drying effect.

Last but not least dry hand skin can be a symptom of disease, from minor ailments to more serious maladies. You should get advice from a skin doctor about your dry skin condition.
The 7 Species dead sea hand cream enriched with dead sea minerals from the dead sea in Israel helps protect hands from cold, harsh conditions and soften them without leaving a greasy residue with this light cream. The mild, daily moisturizer supports skin renewal and naturally strengthens. Rich plant juices, extracts and oils from the seven species of the land of israel (biblical seven species): Wheat, Barley, Grape, Fig, Pomegranate, Olive and Date help revitalize hands and feet. Nurturing plant oils and beeswax renew skin and deeply moisturize.


Face Serum with Dead Sea Minerals
Provides nourishment and hydration. The7Species.com. Eye Serum enriched with Dead Sea Minerals. This Eye Serum massages away bags as it brightens and refreshes the eye area. This Face Serum instantly hydrates soothes skin perfec for primer or foundation.
Sale $79.00 $119.00
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Body Cream with Dead Sea Minerals
Absorbs easily for a full body pampering. Nourishes and moisturize your body with essential minerals, anti oxidants & vitamins with The 7 Species Body Cream, Body Lotion, Body Moisturizers and Dead Sea cream that protect and hydrate your skin all day.
Sale $40.00 $45.00
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Body Scrub with Dead Sea Minerals
Gentle but effective exfoliation for your body. Body Scrub for a radiant-looking glow. Increase circulation with a rich, intense and invigorating exfoliating body effect. Remove dead skin cells while deeply cleansing to reveal soft, smooth, refined skin.
Sale $22.00 $28.00
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