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A Colorful and Joyful Hanukkah Lamp

This is a stunning Hanukkah Lamp by Israeli artist Shneiderman. Made of 9 individual candle holders this piece can be either a Hannukkah lamp or Shabbat candle holders.
$189.00 original $220.00
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About Judaica artist Lev Shneiderman:

Lev's designs are ablend of the creative and mysticalforces on this earth. Functional yet touchingly surprising. Simple yet imbued with passion. Lev’s designs can be found in the offices of world leaders and business executives. The homes of dignitaries and philanthropists and the shops of select museums.Lev learned his craftsmanship skills in some of the best schools in the former Soviet Union.


Upon coming to Israel, he yearned to give shape and form to his beliefs and ideals. Lev opened his design studio in Israel’s sparsely populated Negev in 1997. Together with a dedicated team and amidst the hushed desert sands of the Negev, Lev brings his masterful craftsmanship to bear, imbuing his designs with profound artistry, functionality and a touch of mystical inspiration.

Lev’s name means "heart" in Hebrew. How fitting for the individual and the extraordinary collectionthat is the fruit of his labor.


"The Trunk" by Wendy Mor
A beautiful jaw dropping Vase / Sculptor.
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"The Song of Miriam" by Iris Zonenfeld
Hand made ceramic wall amulet.
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Hamsah Hand Wall Amulet
Modern Lines to an Ancient Hand.
Sale $40.00 $45.00
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