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Sterling Silver Hand decorated Jar

A fascinating taste of the ancients with this sterling silver hand decorated pomegranate motifs by silversmith artist Miriam Fleisch.
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Enjoy this fascinating piece by silversmith Miriam Fleisch. 

This ancient looking jar has pomegrante motifs and ancient Hebrew writings and is decorate with sterling silver. 



"Feminine Plonter" by Wendy Mor
A unique master piece by artist Wendy Mor. The7Species.com is pround to present the renown Israeli artist Wendy More. A stunning sculptor master piece that will make any space unique.
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Unique Serving Bowl by Iris Zonenfeld
A charming handmade serving bowl.
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One-Of-A-Kind Serving Dish
Stunning art piece fired in an "Anagama" kiln. The7Species.com is proud to present this wood-burning "anagama" serving dish by Geil and Michal from Klei Bereshit
Sale $220.00 $300.00
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