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"Feminine Plonter" by Wendy Mor

A stunning piece by Wendy Mor from her "Plonter" series of nine hand built ceramic stoneware.
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One-of-a-kind art piece by renown sculptor Wendy Mor.

From the Plonter 2010 [series of nine hand built ceramic stoneware, fired in an electrical kiln]


"Knots as a metaphor for the thought, feelings, emotions and memories meandering through my heart, body, and mind. The process of restricting and releasing becomes one of living and breathing." - Wendy Mor


Wendy Mor is a UK born, Israel based artist sculptor. Her artwork spans from functional & tableware ceramics to themed collections, abstract series and public commissions. Wendy uses a selection of materials, specializing in clay and ceramics in a variety of techniques of construction, firing & coloring, ranging from experimental painting methods to traditional raku. Wendy draws constant inspiration from her ongoing fascination and research of sacred geometry, mysticism as well ass from life itself.


"My dialogue with the clay is elemental and symbolic, ancient but eternally new. The relationship is intimate. Through the clay I give form to my experiences of life, my joy, my sorrow and my dreams. " Wendy Mor


"The Trunk" by Wendy Mor
A beautiful jaw dropping Vase / Sculptor.
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Vase / Sculptor by Wendy Mor
This vase / sculptor is a delight in any space. The7species.com is delighted to presents Israeli artist Wendy Mor art works on our gallery. Enjoy this unique ceramic vase sculptor.
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"Plonter" Basket by Wendy Mor
A unique master piece by artist Wendy Mor. The7Species.com is pround to present the renown Israeli artist Wendy More. A stunning sculptor master piece that will make any space unique.
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