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Authentic Red Pepper Spread

Authentic, Delicious and Kosher Gourmet Red Pepper Spread, enjoy a refreshing bite.
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Gourmet Red pepper spread with hyssop in extra virgin manzanillo olive oil. A sweet and slightly bitter spread, great for upgrading your sandwich.





About LiveO:

The carefully-selected ingredients and the know-how in production processes make LiveO exceptional products that are merging the Mediterranean temperament with the delicate French cuisine and bringing together east and west, tradition and innovation, culinary pleasure and design.


In 2005, LiveO bought ther first olive grove in the Negev Desert. Since then, LiveO have been producing and supplying  extra-virgin olive oils all over Israel. Today, LiveO groves are one of the biggest in the country with over 100,000 olive trees flourishing. 



Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Mild & Mellow"
Fine aroma and taste, rich in antioxidants. The7Species.com Israeli Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A mild Israeli Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the finest aroma and taste and maximum health benefits (higher polyphenol content). Delicate & sweet EVO oil.
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Pomegranate and Cherry Confiture
Delicious, Kosher & No Artificial Preservatives. The7species.com is proud to present this tasty strictly kosher pomegranate confiture / jam / jelly / marmalade that sweeten your breakfast everyday. No preservatives.
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Sun Dried Tomato Spread With Garlic
Delicious Gourmet Sun-Dried Tomatos in Olive Oil.
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