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Hand-made Vivid "Ladybird" Mezuzah

Vivid, Beautiful and Unique Maple wood Ladybird Mezuzah design with multicolor Swarovski crystals by Judaica artist Lev Shneiderman.
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This beautiful and sweet sand-blasted and Hand-painted Maple-wood Ladybird Mezuzah includes self-stick tape for ease of attachment to any doorpost. This Mezuzah case will hold a 7 to 8 cm scroll. Parchment scroll is sold separately.

The letter "Shin" stands for one of God's many sacred acronyms and for "Shomer Dlatot Israel", which means the protector of our gates. This beautiful Mezuzah case in vibrant colors makes a wonderful gift for anniversaries and weddings.
Takes 12 cm / 4.7" inch scroll.

About Judaica artist Lev Shneiderman:

Lev's designs are ablend of the creative and mysticalforces on this earth. Functional yet touchingly surprising. Simple yet imbued with passion. Lev’s designs can be found in the offices of world leaders and business executives. The homes of dignitaries and philanthropists and the shops of select museums.Lev learned his craftsmanship skills in some of the best schools in the former Soviet Union.


Upon coming to Israel, he yearned to give shape and form to his beliefs and ideals. Lev opened his design studio in Israel’s sparsely populated Negev in 1997. Together with a dedicated team and amidst the hushed desert sands of the Negev, Lev brings his masterful craftsmanship to bear, imbuing his designs with profound artistry, functionality and a touch of mystical inspiration.

Lev’s name means "heart" in Hebrew. How fitting for the individual and the extraordinary collectionthat is the fruit of his labor.

What is mezuza (mezuzah)?

The Mezuzah signifies the sanctity and blessing of the Jewish home. In the Torah, God commands the Jewish people to hang mezuzot on their doorposts. The two Torah portions which are inscribed and make up the Mezuza (mezuzah) text, “Shema” and “Vehaya”, include the verse: "And you shall inscribe these words upon the doorposts of your house and upon your gates." which is the acctual G’d commandment (mitzvah) of affixing the mezuzah on your doorpost.

Furthermore, the Mezuza (mezuzah) is a portion of the Holy Torah, hand written on parchment, in the same manner and script as the Torah. Like the Torah scroll, the mezuza (mezuzah) parchment (klaf) come from a kosher species of animal.

There are many laws and traditions that govern who can write this scroll and how it is to be written. The person who writes on the parchment is called a sofer (scribe). Scribes are trained to inscribe the mezuzah in the same manner and script as the Torah. Any mistakes make the mezuzah invalid. It is this scroll which is called a "Mezuzah".

Mezuzot are affixed to the doorpost of each room in the home and place of business, except for the bathrooms

The Mezuzah may be inserted into any number of decorative Mezuzah covers (mezuza case). These may be decorated in many different ways and provide an opportunity to each person to choose a style that they like.
Once the mezuzah is written, it is rolled from left to right and placed in a protective case.


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"Spring Time" Mezuzah
Sweet and Charming Maple-wood Mezuzah.
Sale $35.00 $62.50
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"The Olive" Mezuzah
Handmade and painted maple-wood Mezuzah. The7Species.com is proud to present this Olive Mezuza from the Biblical Seven Species Mezuzah gift series by Gift and Jewish gifts designer Lev Shneiderman.
Sale $35.00 $62.50
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Out of stock
"Flowers" Mezuza from Maple Wood with Swarovsky Crystals
Handmade with Colorful Swarovsky Crystals. The7Species.com Judaica shop is proud to present this unique Jewish gift Mezuza by Israeli artist Lev Shneiderman. The perfect Jewish Gift.
Sale $40.00 $79.00
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