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Ceramic Terra Cotta Candle Holders

The Seven Species hand decorated and crafted candle holders in Terra Cotta color by Iris Zonenfeld.
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These Shabbat candleholder set by Israeli artist Iris Sonnenfeld combines a classic shape with contemporary design holders will make an excellent gift for a new homeowner or to keep for you.


The very modern looking Shabbat candleholders will look great on the mantelpiece all week long. The seven species design Iris captured onto the ceramics is simply stunning The combination of the Terra Cotta with the clay natural color is highlighted by a stripe of Gold in this delightful candleholder. 

Height of this amazing blue candle holder set: 18 cm / 7.5'' inch. 


About the artist Iris Zonenfeld:

After a BA in Math and Geology from the Hebrew University, Iris looked for a different direction of creativity. 
During her search she discovered the wonders of clay, and the numerous options concealed in it.

Later on, Iris studied at various Art departments in Jerusalem and Tel Hai, and has ever since been creating her own art with constant enthusiasm.

In her Studio in the Golan Heights Iris Zonenfeld‘s work is a combination of classical shapes and contemporary design that gets its inspiration from the land around her. Ceramic works designed by the Iris sonnenfeld are nurtured by the nature, and are inspired by ancient excavation from  all over Israel. Iris is an artist at combining the primitive with the virtuosic.


Shabbat (Sabbath) Candle Lighting

Those who have witnessed the candle lighting ceremony in Jewish homes on Shabbat or festival eves can attest to the fact that something very special takes place in at that time. The Jewish women and girls in the house usher in the holy day by lighting candles and reciting quiet prayers. It is a time for introspection and supplications from G-d.


Shabbat is an island of tranquility in the maelstrom of work, anxiety, struggle and tribulation that characterizes our daily lives for the other six days of the week. Throughout the week, our enjoyment of life's blessings poses a certain challenge: we are physical beings in a physical world, and must be ever watchful that pleasure should not sink to decadence. But than comes the holy Shabbat (Sabbath) day. Shabbat is our weekly taste of this future world


We honor the holy day of Shabbat (Sabbath) with delicious food, a richly-set table, the glow of candlelight, sweet singing, luxuriant sleep. But this is not all, the holy Shabbat (Sabbath) day elevates both body and soul to a higher, more spiritual plane, and to pleasure the Shabbat with food, drink and comfort is a mitzvah, a G-dly deed.

"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle."
James Keller 





















All of the7species.com Shabbat candle holders are handmade by well-known artists. Shabbat candles are a perfect gift for a new couple who are building their own home as well as being ideal for a housewarming, as a way of wishing the home-owners that their new home be filled with light and blessings, Shabbat Shalom.

Our selection of Shabbat candlesticks and candelabras, as well as Shabbat candles, is one of the most unique and exquisite in the world. Our unique challah trays and challah boards will look beautiful on your Shabbat table. We have Kiddush cups, washing cups, match box holders, Havdalah items and more.


Wheat Hamsa (Hamsah) Sculpture
Ears of wheat Hamsa (Hamsah) brass sculpture. Piece by Orna Cohen Boteach an Israeli Judaica artist. symbolizing the Hand of G'd. In all faiths it is a protective sign. The Hamsah brings it's owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.
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Elegant & Chic Candle Holders
Light is a blessing. A true blessing for your home. Beautiful candlesticks from Judaica and Jewish gifts israeli artist Lev Shneiderman, Shabbat Shalom.
Sale $159.00 $189.00
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Crystalline Glazed Stoneware Tray
A unique decoration & serving stoneware tray. Beautiful and unique one-off handmade crystalline glazed stoneware tray for decoration and serving by Israeli artist Shulamit Millar. A special gift from the Holy Land.
Sale $185.00 $225.00
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