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Luxury Skin Care, Biblical Benefits

The 7 Species® is the only cosmetic company in the world that specializes in harnessing the proven effects of the biblical seven species and translating them into advanced skin care products. Our team of Israeli scientists has worked for years to research the secrets of the seven special plants that are listed in the Bible as native to the Land of Israel - wheat, barley, grape, fig, pomegranate, olive, and date - rediscovering their powerful abilities to enhance beauty and rejuvenate the skin.

The magical potential of the seven species was known to the ancient Israelites as well as the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. By leveraging this ancient knowledge and using advanced technology developed in Israel, we have succeeded in extricating the powerful essences of each of these plants. High-tech cosmetological methods enable us to transfer their unique capabilities to your skin in the form of luxury moisturizers, exfoliants, cleansers, and serums. Let The 7 Species® transport you to a new dimension in healthy, young-looking skin.

Health & Beauty Benefits

The 7 Species® invests in groundbreaking scientific research at the forefront of today’s skincare technology, with the goal of understanding how minerals, vitamins, and anti oxidants work to improve skin functions, texture, and appearance. The carefully developed formulations in our products have been uniquely adapted to improve and enhance healthy skin, reflecting the highest standards in cosmetic quality.

Specifically, our research team investigates the unique characteristics of the biblical seven species, as well as Dead Sea minerals, searching for the ideal combinations that will optimize the natural qualities of your skin. Based on this research, our laboratories are continuously working to develop new products for The 7 Species® lines. All of our products are licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Global Responsibility

At The 7 Species® we have made a serious corporate commitment to environmental and social responsibility in all areas of our business. This commitment begins with 100% recyclable packaging and continues through products that are never tested on animals and are environmentally safe. Our dedication reaches its apex at the financial level, when we donate a full 10% of all our profits to local and international charity organizations.

As part of our partnership with global communities, we invite you to nominate your favorite organization to become a recipient of part of our profits. Send a message with your suggestion and we will gladly respond.

We view you as a valuable partner in our pledge to uphold global responsibility.
We encourage you to play your part by recycling all packaging.

Science for Your Skin

The 7-S Complex™, brought to you by The 7 Species®, represents a revolutionary concept in skin care research. Based on the superior properties of the biblical seven species, our exclusive 7-S Complex™ combines concentrated Dead Sea minerals with essential extracts from each of the seven species. This scientifically tested combination forms the core ingredient of all our 7 Species® products.

The product of meticulous research by some of Israel’s top skin-care scientists, our one of a kind formula has been specially designed to inject the individual benefits of each one of the seven species directly into your skin. Wheat, barley, grape, fig pomegranate, olive, and date - when their active essences are forged together in our unique 7-S Complex™, the resulting chemical reaction is exponentially more forceful than the potential of each independent ingredient.

For thousands of years, people have mined the mysterious Dead Sea area, gleaning the organic nutrients whose health benefits have achieved world renown. Our 7-S Complex™ contains vital Dead Sea minerals with rejuvenating forces that penetrate deep into your skin’s foundation.

With 7-S Complex™, we have achieved the ultimate integration of Dead Sea minerals and essences from the biblical seven species. Regular use of 7-S Complex™ leads to real results: skin that feels supple, radiates health, and glows with youthful incandescence.